Teaching & Supervision


From october 2008 to december 2011, I had teaching responsabilities (> 200h) at Paris-Diderot University. My main teaching activities were:

  • Populations Genetics (Bachelor 3 and Master 1, resp. 3rd and 4th yr students)
  • Statistics for students in Biology (Bachelor 2 & 3, Master 1)
  • Mathematical tools for Ecology (Master 1)
  • Evolutionary Biology (Bachelor 3)


  • 4 Master II internships in Marine Ecology, Biostatistics and/or Oceanography

2015 “Testing the impact of habitat-driven movements on the dispersal of juvenile leatherback turtles”

2013 “Effect of micronekton biomass on southern elephant seal foraging behaviour”

2011 “Evaluation of the light attenuation using fine scale southern elephant seals foraging data”

2010 “Elephant seals scale-dependent foraging behaviour at great depths: the bioluminescence influence”

  • 4 Master I internships in Marine Ecology, Biostatistics and/or Oceanography

2014 “Modelling passive and active swimming along loggerhead turtle life-stages”

2013 “Top-predators’ track analyses with state-space models”

2012 “Dives and prey capture in a deep-diving predator: the Southern elephant seal”

2011 “Detection of foraging behaviour in Southern elephant seals: Accelerometry and Oceanography”