Communication Activities

Official Reports

  • Dragon et al. Improving international ocean governance for life below water (summary on SDG 14, full report published in March 2020)
  • Dragon et al. Mitigating climate change impacts on food security from the ocean (International version published in December 2019)
  • Dragon et al. Empowering women in marine communities to mitigate the impacts of climate change  (Sept 2019)
  • Dragon et al. Mitigating climate change impacts on food security from the ocean (European version published in June 2019)
  • Dragon et al. Evaluating Europe’s course to sustainable fisheries by 2020 (Dec 2018)  Summary and Technical Annex of the CFP scorecard report
  • Brandt, Dragon et al. Effects of offshore pile driving on harbour porpoise abundance in the German Bight (Jun. 2016)
  • Hintzen, Corten, Gerlotto, Habasque, Bertrand, Lehodey, Brunel, Dragon and Senina. Hydrography and Jack mackerel stock in the South Pacific – Final report (Dec. 2014)
  • Lehodey, Dragon and Senina. SEAPODYM medium term projections (Nov. 2014)
  • Dragon, Senina and Lehodey. Applications of the SEAPODYM model to swordfish in Pacific and Indian Oceans. For the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission, 12th working Billfish Party (Oct. 2014)
  • Lehodey, Dragon and Senina. SEAPODYM model of Chilean Jack Mackerel (Oct. 2014)
  • Lehodey, Dragon and Senina. SEAPODYM reconstructed past and present spatial structures of South Pacific Jack Mackerel (Oct. 2014)

Advocacy tools

Please visit the WWF European Policy Office website to have an overview of my policy activities on fisheries and marine conservation topics (e.g. Marine Protected Areas, revision of the Control Regulation, European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, Western Waters multiannual plan).

Refereed Journal Publications

In Revision

18) Dragon,  A-C., Tougaard, J., Brandt, M., Diederichs, A., Dähne, M., Nabe-Nielsen, J., and G.Nehls. An Audiogram-Weighted Dose-Response Curve For Behavioural Responses To Offshore Pile Driving Noise In Harbour Porpoises. 


17) Brandt, M., Dragon,  A-C., Diederichs, A., … and G.Nehls. Disturbance of harbour porpoises by pile driving at the first seven offshore wind farms in Germany. Marine Ecology Progress Series (accepted with revisions)


16) Dragon, A-C., Senina, I., Hintzen, N. and P. Lehodey. Modelling South Pacific Jack Mackerel spatial population dynamics and fisheries. Fisheries Oceanography (IF = 2.73, in press)


15) Dragon, A-C., Brandt, M.J., Diederichs, A. and & G. Nehls. Wind creates a natural bubble curtain mitigating porpoise avoidance during offshore pile driving. Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA-S-16-00130)


14) Dragon, A-C., Senina, I., Titaud, O., Calmette, B., Conchon, A., Arrizabalaga, H. and P. Lehodey. An ecosystem driven model for spatial dynamics and stock assessment of North Atlantic Albacore tuna. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science (5yearIF = 2.655), 72(6): 864-878

13) Cotté, C., d’Ovidio, F., Dragon, A-C., Lévy, M. and C. Guinet. Flexible preference of southern elephant seals for distinct mesoscale features within the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. Progress in Oceanography (5yearIF = 3.99), 131:46-58


12) Lehodey, P., Senina, I., Dragon, A-C., and H. Arrizabalaga. Spatially explicit estimates of stock size, structure and biomass of North Atlantic albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga). Earth System Science Data (IF = NA), 6, 317–329.

11) Guinet, C., Vacquie-Garcia, J., Picard, B., Bessigneul, G., Lebras, Y., Dragon, A-C., Viviant, M., Arnould, J. and F. Bailleul. Insights in the change of prey distribution from their predator: the southern elephant seal-Myctophid story. Marine Ecology Progress Series (5yearIF = 2.99), 499: 285-301.


10) Dragon, A-C., Houssais, M-N, Herbaut, C., Charrassin, J-B. A note on the intraseasonal variability in an Antarctic polynia: Prior to and after  the Mertz glacier calving. Journal of Marine Systems (IF = 2.55).

9) Guinet, C., Xing, X., Walker, E., Monestiez, P., Marchand, S., Picard, B., Jaud, T., Authier, M., Cotté, C., Dragon, A-C., Diamond, E., Antoine, D., Lovell, P., Blain, S., D’Ortenzio, F. and H. Claustre. Calibration procedures and first data set of Southern Ocean chlorophyll-a profiles collected by elephant seal equipped with a newly developed CTD-fluorescence tags. Earth System Science Data (5yearIF = NA ), 5 (2013), 15-29.


8) Dragon, A-C., Bar-Hen, A., Monestiez, P. and C. Guinet. Horizontal and Vertical Movements to Predict Foraging Success in a Marine Predator. Marine Ecology Progress Series (5yearIF = 2.99), 447 (2012), 243-257.

7) Dragon, A-C., Bar-Hen, A., Monestiez, P. and C. Guinet. Comparative analysis of methods for inferring successful foraging areas from Argos and GPS tracking data. Marine Ecology Progress Series (5yearIF = 2.99), 452 (2012), 253-267.

6) Authier, M., Dragon, A-C., Richard, P., Cherel, Y. and C. Guinet. O’mother where wert thou ? Maternal strategies in the southern elephant seal: a stable isotope investigation. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, B (5yearIF = 5.06), 279 (2012), 2681-2690.

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3) Authier, M., Dragon, A-C., Cherel, Y. and C. Guinet. How Large is Large: Estimating Ecologically Meaningful Isotopic Differences in Observational Studies of Wild Animals. Rapid Communication in Mass Spectrometry (IF = 2.79), vol. 26 (2012), 23, 2657-2664.


2) Dragon, A-C., Marchand, S., Authier, M., Cotté, C., Blain, S. and C. Guinet. Insights into the spatio-temporal distribution of productivity in the indian southern ocean provided by satellite observations. Cybium (5yearIF = 0.47), The Kerguelen Plateau, Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries, 57-67.


1) Dragon, A-C., Monestiez, P., Bar-Hen, A. and C. Guinet. Linking foraging behaviour to physical oceanographic structures: Southern Elephant Seals and mesoscale eddies east of Kerguelen Island. Progress in Oceanography (5yearIF = 3.99), 87 (2010) 61-71.

PhD Thesis (September 2011)

“Modelling Foraging Strategies of an Antarctic Apex Predator: Influence of Primary Production Variability and Oceanographic Conditions on Southern Elephant Seals’ Foraging Success”

Master Thesis (June 2008)

“Influence des structures océanographiques méso-échelle sur le comportement alimentaire des éléphants de mer austraux”