2008-2011: PhD in Marine Quantitative Ecology (CEBC-CNRS, Chize, MAP5, Paris, and Pierre & Marie Curie University now Sorbonne University, Paris, France)

  • “Modelling Foraging Strategies of an Antarctic Apex Predator: Influence of Primary Production Variability and Oceanographic Conditions on Southern Elephant Seals’ Foraging Success”
  • Advisors: Pr. C. Guinet & Pr. A. Bar-Hen
  • Defence Committee: Dr. I. Jonsen & Pr. V. Ridoux (Reviewers), Pr. B. Cazelles & Pr. P. Monestiez & Dr. C. Vincent (Examiners)

2004-2008: M.Sc. & Engineering Degree with Honours (AgroParisTech, France)

  • Majors in Statistics, Marine Biology, Neurobiology & Behaviour
  • Minors in Environmental Economics, Evolutionary Genetics

2002-2004: Preparatory Classes (Fénelon, Paris, France)

  • Completed a two-year scientic program in preparation for the national competitive exam for the “Grandes Ecoles”, the nation’s most prestigious and competitive institutions of higher education
  • Admitted in the life-science branch of ParisTech, Paris consortium of ten foremost master’s level scientific schools


Since April 2020: Sciences and Policy Officer on Fisheries and Marine issues at DG MARE, European Commission, Brussels.

I am following the implementation of several European and international policies in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. I mostly focus on fisheries issues and fisheries interactions with sensitive species.

Jan 2018-March 2020: Research and Policy Officer on Fisheries and Marine issues at the WWF European Policy Office in Brussels. My role is to coordinate the related activities of WWF offices in EU member states as well as:

  • Analyses and evaluate of EU marine regulations
  • Develop policy and advocacy vis-à-vis relevant Europeans institutions
  • Represent WWF before external audiences and within WWF’s network

May 2015-Dec 2017 : Researcher and Project Manager in the Offshore team at Bioconsult SH, Husum, Germany

  • Estimation of small and large scales avoidance behaviour of harbour porpoises in relation to wind farm construction. See more details in Research section.
  • Modelling the collision risk of migrating birds with wind farms in the North Sea.
  • Principal collaborators : Pr. J. Tougaard, Dr. M. Brandt, Dr. J. Welcker

Jan 2013- Mar 2015 : Conservation Researcher in the team “Marine Ecosystems Modelling and Monitoring by Satellite” (Space Oceanography Division) at CLS, Toulouse, France.

  • Five interdisciplinary projects involving ecosystem modelling (SEAPODYM) and the simulation of spatial distributions of mid- and top-trophic level species in relation to fishing and environmental variability. See more details in Research section.
  • Principal collaborators : Pr. P. Lehodey, Dr. I. Senina, Pr. P. Gaspar

Nov 2011-Sept 2012: Post-doctoral researcher at LOCEAN – IPSL (Laboratoire d’Océanographie et de Climatologie: Expérimentation et Analyse), Paris, France.

  • “Estimation of the Mertz calving impact on the polynia and sea-ice formation dynamics in East Antarctica”
  • Principal collaborators : Dr. M-N. Houssais and Pr. J-B. Charassin

Oct 2008-Sept 2011: PhD in Marine Quantitative Ecology at CEBC-CNRS, Chize, MAP5, Paris, and Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris, France

  • “Modelling Foraging Strategies of an Antarctic Apex Predator: Influence of Primary Production Variability and Oceanographic Conditions on Southern Elephant Seals’ Foraging Success”
  • Advisors : Pr. Guinet (CEBC-CNRS) & Pr. Bar-Hen (MAP5)

March 2011: visiting student at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (Hobart, Australia).

Principal collaborators : Dr. S. Bestley and Pr. M. Hindell.

Jan-Jun 2007 Intern (M. Sc. 1) at the School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia).

  • “Detection of the Flash Lag Effect” through EEG data collection and time series analyses.
  • Advisors : Pr. P. Celka and Dr. T. Cutmore

Aug 2006-Jan 2007: Intern (M. Sc. 1) at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Ecology and Biodiversity, U. Catolica (Concepcion, Chile).

  • “Effects of oceanographic thermal anomalies on the structure and organisation of coastal marine communities in northern Chile” through data collection (gut samples) and analyses (connectivity patterns)
  • Advisor : Pr. P. Camus

June-July 2006: Laboratory Assistance (“Hiwi job”) at the Paleozoology Laboratory, Christian Albrecht University (Kiel, Germany).

  • samples preparation and bibliography research
  • Advisor : Dr. U. Schmölke


Kerguelen – Jan-Apr 2017: Field Work supervision for Dr. Bost, CEBC-CNRS, France.
At-sea observations on the Marion Dufresne, Tags Deployments and Retrieval (CTD, GPS, MK9) on King and Macaroni penguins in Kerguelen Island (TAAF)

Antarctica – December 2013: Astrolabe campaign for Dr. R. Morrow, LEGOS, France.
XBTs and Argo floats deployment onboard the Astrolabe from Hobart (Tasmania) to Dumont d’Urville (Adelie Land)

Brittany – June 2012:  Field Work for Dr.Vincent, La Rochelle University, France.
Tag deployment on grey and harbour seals in Molène Archipelago (France)

Kerguelen – Aug-Dec 2009: PhD Field Work for Dr. Guinet, CEBC-CNRS, France.
At-sea observations on the Marion Dufresne and Tags Deployments (CTD, MK9, MK10) on Southern elephant seals in Kerguelen Island (TAAF)

Brisbane – June-July 2007: Volunteering Field Work for Dr. Noad, University of Queensland, Australia.
Whale watching from land and air on Stradbroke Ild (Australia)