About me

  I am a marine ecologist mainly working on how anthropogenic and natural variabilities can impact marine populations.
 Currently working at the European Commission (DG MARE), I am following several Mediterranean regulations requiring scientific input to help delivering a sustainable marine policy in the region.

Before arriving in Brussels in 2018, I have managed projects on the impact of wind farm construction on marine mammals and seabirds at Bioconsult-SH, Germany. From 2013 to 2015, I worked at CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellite, Toulouse, France) in the team « Marine Ecosystems Modelling and Monitoring by Satellite » (Space Oceanography Division). My work there has focused on the spatial modelling of population dynamics for marine resources conservation (albacore tuna, jack mackerel, loggerhead turtle, swordfish etc.)

I have also worked at LOCEAN (Paris, France), MAP5 (Paris, France), CEBC-CNRS (Chizé, France), U. Catolica (Concepcion, Chile) and Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia).

For any enquiry, anne ( dot ) cecile ( at ) gmx ( dot ) de